The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group, which met on Tuesday, 2 March, 2021, issued a recommendation on distance learning in higher education and secondary education during these exceptional times, i.e. 8-28 March, 2021. In addition, the Group has provided an accurate picture of the epidemiological situation in the region to the Regional Administrative Agency (AVI), which will decide on whether secondary schools in the region will switch to distance learning.

Young people’s hobby activities can continue in small groups

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group did not consider it necessary to recommend the suspension of group activities for children born in 2007 and earlier. However, the restriction on the maximum gathering of six people and other health safety instructions must still be considered. The Group will be closely monitoring the situation and, if necessary, a new solution will be found if the epidemic worsens.


Children with runny noses not allowed to daycare centres

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group would like to remind everyone that even children can contract the virus and pass it on without showing any symptoms or with only mild symptoms. As mass exposures have been reported in schools and daycare centres, the Group wants to emphasise that children with symptoms should not be taken to daycare centres and schools.


A corona test should be taken even with mild symptoms

Vaasa Hospital District performs an average of 450 corona tests per day.

A coronavirus test should always be taken if there is reason to suspect a coronavirus infection based on symptoms. Typical symptoms include a sudden onset of fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and loss of sense of smell and/or taste, in some cases including abdominal symptoms such as diarrhoea. A time is reserved for a corona test either through or by contacting your local health station. If your local health station is closed, for example on a weekend, you can call the non-emergency call number 116117. You should also ask for a test during the weekend.

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