Vaasa Central Hospital will immediately implement the policy given by the Finnish Government on 16 March.  Except for certain exceptions, ward visits and other outside visits to hospitals are prohibited. Two new coronavirus infections have been identified in the region. In total, four coronavirus infections have been identified. 

In line with the Finnish government's policy, Vaasa Central Hospital is doing everything possible to protect at-risk groups and healthcare personnel from coronavirus infection. Visits to wards are prohibited. Exceptions may be made to visit a critically ill patient; however, this must always be specifically agreed with the ward. The maternity unit also allows the presence of another parent or support person. However, in all situations, it is imperative to remember that the visitor should not show any flu-like symptoms.

We will contact those over 70 regarding cancellations

According to the Finnish Government's policy, people over 70 should stay away from other people. In response to this request, we will cancel non-urgent outpatient clinic hours and procedures for those over the age of 70. Vaasa Central Hospital will contact the patients affected. Patients do not have to call the hospital themselves. Emergency needs assessments and important control visits will also be carried out for risk groups. The urgency assessments for the visits are made by the doctor.

The number of detected infections remains low

Vaasa Hospital District has identified two new coronavirus infections originating from a trip to Central Europe. The cases are not related. Both patients are in good condition and in isolation at home. The exposures have been low and are currently being investigated. There are no connections to schools. Since only a small number of coronavirus infections have been reported in the Vaasa Hospital District, the sampling procedure will continue in the same way as before. Approximately 20 to 30 samples are taken daily; about 200 samples have been taken so far. Efforts are being made to investigate and break down the chains of infection detected. The aim in the Vaasa Hospital District is to contain the epidemic.

3/17/2020 Redaktion_Toimitus