Based on the position of the Finnish Gynaecological Association and the joint decision of all Finnish maternity hospitals, Vaasa Central Hospital will also follow new directives.

Instructions for all expectant mothers arriving to the maternity unit:

  • A mother about to give birth may have an asymptomatic partner or support person with her who has not been abroad or in Uusimaa for the previous two weeks and who has not been exposed to a confirmed case of Covid 19 infection.

  • Currently, the partner or support person is not allowed to enter the operating theatre, as we cannot guarantee safe distancing. To ensure the health of both the family and staff, we strive to limit the number of people in the operating theatre.

  • A partner or support person is not currently able to visit the Maternity and Gynaecological Unit A4 (BB). We are currently unable to provide family rooms. With this measure, we strive to ensure the health of all patient groups.

  • Due to current limitations, we aim to provide each family, regardless of the delivery method, a common moment in the delivery room before the mother and newborn move to the maternity unit.

  • All expectant mothers are urged to call the delivery room prior to arrival at the maternity hospital 062132032.

We emphasise that the situation is temporary, and the restrictions will be lifted immediately as soon as it is safe to do so.

4/7/2020 Redaktion_toimitus