In order to help visitors to comply with the restrictions that apply to hospital visits, we now provide personal advice to those visiting the hospital. Service counsellors and patient transporters provide hospital visitors with written instructions and inform them about the current limitations.

The purpose of this activity, which begins on Monday, 6 April, is to inform visitors of the principles used to curb the corona epidemic. These restrictions are designed to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from being infected by the coronavirus.

- Immediately at the entrance, we give those who come to the hospital an information sheet about the restrictions and discuss how it applies to them. They may not enter the hospital if they have been abroad or in the Uusimaa area or have symptoms of a respiratory infection. In the case of an outpatient visit, the treatment unit will cancel their time and send information about a new time, says Chief Nurse Arja Tuomaala from Vaasa Central Hospital.

Relatives and visitors are only allowed in exceptional cases

As a rule, all visits to the hospital are prohibited. However, relatives can still visit critically ill patients.

- The service counsellors and patient transporters will arrange when visitors are allowed to visit the hospital, Tuomaala says.

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