During Easter, two coronavirus infections were detected in Vaasa Hospital District, which affect the operation of the Central Hospital due to the exposures that took place there.

One patient who had been treated for other ailments in a hospital ward was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection during hospitalisation. In addition, one central hospital employee unrelated to the previous case has been found to be infected with the coronavirus. The employee’s test result turned out to be positive after their shift ended, which meant there had been time to expose others to the virus while the employee was at work.

Cases of infection have exposed both patients and members of staff to the virus. All those exposed to the coronavirus infection have been contacted and the necessary measures have been taken. Six patients were exposed to the virus and all have already been contacted. A total of 55 employees of Vaasa Central Hospital have been quarantined. A 14-day quarantine order has been issued from the date of exposure.

Procedures are ensured by temporary arrangements

There are approximately 10 days left in the quarantine period for the members of staff affected. Absences have been made up for in various ways: internal staff transfers have been made, additional members of staff have been called in from retired staff, holidays have been cancelled and the number of beds in wards has been reduced. Earlier, elective surgery, i.e. non-urgent procedures, was already reduced.

There are several infection chains in Vaasa Hospital District that have not been identified. Adherence to the restrictions and protection instructions issued to limit the spread of the epidemic is very important. It should be noted, however, that it is safe to come to the hospital when treatment is required, and it is not advisable to stay home with symptoms that require treatment.

More detailed information on either infected or exposed wards will not be made public in order to protect patient privacy.

4/14/2020 Redaktion_Toimitus