Vaasa Hospital District is meeting the criteria caused by the coronavirus epidemic by moving the Central Hospital to a state of full readiness on Thursday, April 9, 2020.

The Pandemic Management Team, which consists of officials from Vaasa Central Hospital, have noticed that there is a need to move to a state of full readiness, which has now been implemented by the director of Vaasa Hospital District. The number of coronavirus infections detected by laboratory tests is now 42. It has not been possible to identify all chains of infection. Patients with COVID-19 have been hospitalised, with some in intensive care. More detailed information about patients in hospital is not provided to protect patient privacy.

Hospital serves all care requirements

- We have prepared for this full state of readiness for weeks already and expect that the transition will go very smoothly. Being fully prepared means centralising resources and increasing the use of wards for the care of pandemic patients. We have trained our staff and have prepared to transfer wards to other buildings, says Hospital District Director, Marina Kinnunen. Patients who don’t have the coronavirus are also still being treated at the hospital. It is important so seek treatment if needed.

We remind you to still protect yourself from infection

­­- We at the hospital hope that people anyway follow the restrictions put in place. Now it is important that the number of additional infections is minimised, reminds Kinnunen.

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