The recommendation to wear a face mask in all public areas remains until 18 November, after which the situation will be reassessed. Internships from universities and classroom teaching in other schools of higher education will resume from 2 November. Restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people remain in effect until 30 November as a result of an earlier decision from the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI). On Friday, the Corona Coordination Working Group will assess the continuation of a similar recommendation for private events.

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group met to discuss the region’s current recommendations on Tuesday afternoon, 27 October. The region was still found to be in the spread phase of the corona epidemic, although only two of the criteria for this phase are met: the regional incidence rate is still relatively high and coronavirus infections account for more than 2% of all samples taken. However, regionally, infections have clearly decreased in the last week and the traceability of infections has improved, so the transition to a lower level in the epidemic phase, i.e. the acceleration phase, may soon be ahead.

- For us, this means the so-called “slowdown phase”, although the term is not used nationwide, comments the Chairperson of the Corona Coordination Group and Director of Vaasa Hospital District, Marina Kinnunen.

However, the group is aware that there are still fears that the epidemic will spread to the elderly, at-risk groups, workplaces and schools, so the recommendations and restrictions still need to be taken seriously.

It was decided to continue the regional face mask recommendation until 18 November, after which the situation will be reassessed. The group would like to remind everyone that active use of face masks means that life will return to normal faster.

– The use of a face mask causes relatively little inconvenience to a user compared to the benefits it provides, reminds chief physician of infectious diseases Juha Salonen from Vaasa Hospital District

The Regional State Administrative Agency already decided earlier that the restrictions on the gathering of ten people in Vaasa Hospital District area will continue until the end of November, although with some slight relief. The Corona Coordination Group has also been asked to provide a clear statement, especially on the continuation of hobby and competitive sports activities in the region. The meeting approved the proposal that a small working group consisting of representatives of Vaasa Hospital District, sports activities and competitive sports bodies should jointly prepare a proposal for regional recommendations and restrictions. The group will discuss the presentation at a meeting on Friday 30 October and shall report on those recommendations afterwards. The group’s previous recommendation regarding the organisation of private events for less than 10 people will also be discussed on Friday.

The group decided that higher education internships may resume from Monday 2 November. However, it is still recommended that distance learning in higher education continues for another week, after which the situation will be reassessed based on the current situation. As a general recommendation, schools of higher education may continue as contact teaching from 2 November. Any class- or school-specific restriction measures will be taken by the municipality if illnesses and exposures occur within educational institutions.

In addition, the national telework recommendation is still valid and is recommended to be extended until 30 November.

The current recommendations will be reviewed again in November.

See all the recommendations and restrictions in force in the area.

The next time the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group meets will be on Friday 30 October.

Compilation of Indicators of the corona situation in Ostrobothnia

Total number of positive cases: 912

Regional incidence (14 days): 94/100 00

Proportion of positive samples (previous day): 2.5 %

Role and composition of the Ostrobothnia Regional Corona Coordination Group

The task of the group is to plan and implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in its region. The use of recommendations and restrictive measures requires a comprehensive assessment in which decisions are made and weighed in terms of epidemiological, social and economic impacts and in relation to fundamental rights.

Meeting participants

Marina Kinnunen, Chairperson, Vaasa Hospital District (VSHP)

Peter Nieminen, VSHP

Juha Salonen, VSHP

Tomas Häyry, Vaasa

Gun Kapténs, Larsmo

Miia Kaartinen, AVI

Timo Saari, ELY

Tuula Hannila-Handelberg, THL

Tiina Hirvioja, THL

Tia Väisänen, THL

Jarkko Pirttiperä, K5

Päivi Berg, VSHP, secretary

Anna Jussila, VSHP, communication specialist

Ulla Harjunmaa, THL


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