Attention! Information on the coronavirus epidemic will be updated on the website of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia as of 1 January 2022.

Vaasa Hospital District has been in the spreading phase since 23 August 2021.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has developed epidemiological characteristics for areas that are better suited to the current epidemiological situation, replacing the previous epidemic phase criteria. The criteria can be read from the appendix released by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on 11 November 2021 (in Finnish).

The updated hybrid strategy was fully implemented throughout the country as of 15 November 2021.

The Ostrobothnia region met the characteristics of a community transmission phase in a virus-defined area as of 15 November 2021.

The current situation in Vaasa Healthcare District can be found here (corona figures).

Here is a summary of current recommendations and restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic.

As different authorities have the right to decide on different restrictions and instructions, we have taken the policy to follow the decisions, instructions, recommendations and restrictions issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Institute for Health and Welfare, the Regional State Administrative Agency and the municipalities, in all our communications.

In our region, the epidemiological situation is monitored by the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group, whose recommendations are also compiled on this page.

National restrictions can be found here:

Finnish institute of health and welfare and ministry of education and culture 22.12.2021: Updated recommendations for early childhood education and care, school education and vocational education and training to prevent the coronavirus epidemic.

Regional State Administrative Agency:

Recommendation and restriction on public events and public gatherings:

With the decision made on 16 December, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland prohibits all public events and general gatherings held indoors where the number of participants exceeds 50 (fifty) persons, pursuant to section 58 (1) of the Communicable Diseases Act in the municipal areas of Vaasa Hospital District.

The order is valid from 20 December 2021 to 19 January 2022.


Recommendations and national restrictions in force in Ostrobothnia:

Due to the epidemiological situation in Ostrobothnia, the following recommendations and national restrictions are in force in Ostrobothnia:

  • A strong facemask recommendation for people over 12, valid until 31 January, 2022. (New decision, made 27th December, 2021)
  • A strong recommendation to take a low-threshold coronavirus test even when symptoms are mild. This also applies to:
  • People with adequate vaccination protection if they develop symptoms
  • Children with symptoms.

The spread of infection can only be prevented and broken through effective testing.

More information about where you can test yourself can be found on your home municipality’s website. On our page where we describe the current situation, we also tell you more about corona testing in Vaasa.

  • A strong recommendation to take the coronavirus vaccine.

More information on obtaining a coronavirus vaccine can be found on your local municipality’s website.

  • A recommendation to take a coronavirus test at border crossings when arriving to Finland from abroad.

Municipal-specific instructions

See your municipality’s website for any municipality-specific restrictions and measures related to the coronavirus.

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