Vaasa Hospital District is in a baseline phase of the coronavirus epidemic from 27th of April 2021.

You can check the current situation in Vaasa Hospital District here (coronavirus figures).

Figures of municipality ratings by incidence will no longer be announced. This is based on a decision made by the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group on 19 January 2021. The incidence rate will only be announced as one figure for the whole district. If there is a need for more accurate information, then the district will be defined in three parts: northern, inner and southern. 

In this article, you will see the current recommendations and restrictions related to the coronavirus situation. Information on face mask recommendations, public events, public gatherings and instructions on applying for a corona test and instructions regarding leisure activities are included.

The responsibility for decision-making regarding restriction measures and recommendations lies with different authorities. For this reason, information follows the decisions, instructions, recommendations and restrictions of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) and municipalities.

The epidemiological situation in the area is monitored by the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group, whose recommendations are also compiled here.

Face mask recommendation

  • The recommendation on the use of face masks in public areas is valid until 30 June 2021, after which the instructions prepared by the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) for the epidemic phase in question are followed (see below). The recommendation applies to everyone over the age of 12 in situations where it is not possible to keep a safe distance from other people. More information on the use of face masks can be found on THL’s website.

Use of face masks in the stable level of the epidemic:

Wearing a face mask is recommended in the following situations and for the following people:

    • In public transport.
    • People waiting for a coronavirus test, on the way to the test, and before the test result is ready, if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.
    • Travellers arriving in Finland from a risk area and travelling from the place of entry to the place of quarantine, and if they have to move outside the home for necessary reasons during the quarantine period.

It is always a good idea to wear a face mask in situations where it is difficult to maintain safe social distancing.

  • Nursing staff and other staff working in the social welfare and healthcare sector must always use mouth and nose protection or mouth and nose protection and visors, but not only visors. This recommendation entered into force on 29 January and remains valid until further notice.

Recommendations and restrictions on public events and public gatherings

Regional State Administrative Agency:

  • DECISION APPLYING FROM 2 JUNE: According to the recommended guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Regional State Administrative Agency will not make any new restriction decisions for regions where the epidemic is stable at the base level, which also applies to Vaasa Hospital District. Those who arrange public events in areas that are at a stable level must be able to explain how the organiser ensures health and safety and that the safety obligations referred to in section 58 c of the Communicable Diseases Act are put into practice, i.e. including the ability to wash hands, maintain safe social distancing and keep spaces clean.

The Regional State Administrative Agency recalls that municipalities have the obligation and also the authority to monitor the health and safety of events in accordance with temporary sections 58c and 59a of the Communicable Diseases Act, even in areas at a stable level.

Recommendation on safe social distancing

  • Strive to keep a distance of 2 metres to other people. The recommendation applies to all contacts outside the family circle both in working life and in leisure time.
  • Gyms, in particular, are reminded to ensure that adequate safety distances are maintained.


  • The telework recommendation of the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group is valid until 30 June 2021.
  • Workplaces are also recommended to take breaks and maintain safe distancing, as well as the use of face masks. However, employers are responsible for arranging safe working conditions. Work arrangements reduce close contacts and other risk factors in the workplace.

Other recommendations

  • Stay at home with even mild respiratory symptoms and follow the instructions given by the hospital district.
  • We recommend that family members of the person being tested also avoid social contact as much as possible and take special care to wear a face mask and follow hygiene instructions while waiting for the test result.

Seasonal workers

  • It is recommended that seasonal workers from abroad remain in voluntary quarantine for 14 days after entering the country and before starting work.
  • In accordance with THL’s instructions, the employer is required to have a health and safety plan for their seasonal workers. The plan must clearly describe how health and safety measures are being implemented.
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to take care of and ensure that the arrangements regarding quarantine are followed. The employer must ensure that seasonal workers from abroad are transported directly and safely from the border to the place of quarantine. The responsibility for quarantine transport and costs incurred lie with the employee and the employer. The authorities do not arrange the transport of labour to or within Finland.
  • Employer instructions for health-secure entry, quarantine and for the preparation of a health security plan for seasonal workers in primary production (PDF)
  • More information on seasonal workers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Recommendations for educational institutions

  • See your municipality’s recommendations, restrictions and decisions regarding the activities of educational institutions in the municipal list.

Recommendations for sports, leisure and cultural activities in Ostrobothnia

The effects of the epidemic on the organisation of sports, cultural and leisure activities vary at different stages of the epidemic. The regional phase of the epidemic is assessed in the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group. This document highlights the national recommendations and refines them for the various stages at the regional level.

Municipal-specific instructions

 See your municipality’s website for any municipality-specific restrictions and measures related to the coronavirus.

Travel recommendations

Because of mutated strains of the coronavirus, THL recommends that you completely avoid travelling to Brazil, South Africa and India.

All other travel, both at home and abroad, should also be limited to what is necessary.

The instructions and recommendations found on THL’s website apply to both Finnish citizens and citizens from other countries.

Vaasa Hospital Districts information for travelers arriving in Vaasa, Finland.

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