Due to the coronavirus epidemic, a separate infection reception area will be opened at the general Accident & Emergency (A&E) clinic of Vaasa Central Hospital on 7 April 2020.

People with symptoms of a respiratory infection must use a separate infection reception area when dealing with accidents and emergencies. Even if the main reason for seeking emergency care is another illness or accident, the separate entrance must still be used if the person feels even the slightest flu-like symptoms. Other accident and emergency patients will continue to use the general Accident & Emergency reception area so that they won’t be exposed to infection.

The entrance to the infection reception area is at the end of the long corridor of the general Accident & Emergency corridor, in the B-entrance, next to the construction site of the new H-building. Only people with any symptoms of a respiratory infection will be taken in and out of this door. The same entrance also provides access to the Paediatric Emergency Room, so Paediatric patients also enter the emergency room through the new entrance.

- As with the Accident and Emergency Unit, it is always a good idea to call 116117 first when coming to the infection reception area. However, the first place to contact is your own health station if it is open. The same principal applies to both adults and children, advises Service Manager, Ann-Katrin Brandtberg.

The number 116117 is a nationwide emergency service to assess the need for treatment. The telephone number provides personal instructions. If, based on the assessment, emergency services are needed, instructions will be given to contact us by phone first. Patients referred to us due to a respiratory infection should be given an appointment on the telephone first whenever possible.

The purpose of the appointment system is to control the number of people coming to the reception area at the same time. However, it is important to remember to seek treatment urgently if the discomfort is severe. Even then, it is always best to call 116117 first and, if necessary, 112.

4/7/2020 Redaktion_Toimitus