On Tuesday afternoon, 6 October, the hospital district issued new recommendations for the Ostrobothnia region. A strong new recommendation is that no events for more than 50 people be held throughout Ostrobothnia until 25 October. As autumn holidays approach, citizens are also reminded to limit social contacts, stay at home, and avoid travelling.

Vaasa Hospital District has entered a new phase regarding the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. On Wednesday 7 October, the total number of positive samples was 334. The two-week incidence rate per 100,000 people is 136 in the district area and 330 in Vaasa, which indicates the true severity of the situation. The proportion of positive samples is more than 11% and the daily growth rate of infections is more than 10%. As the number of positive samples becomes really large, the tracing of chains of infection has proven to be quite a laborious and time-consuming task. Most of the chains of infection are no longer clear. The majority of those infected are young adults.

In Vaasa Hospital District, which has entered an acceleration phase, it is now hoped that the proposed recommendations given for the area on  Friday 2 October, and the updated stronger recommendations implemented on Sunday 4 October, will start to take effect and will help control the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the region.

It is not recommended to organise or participate in gatherings of more than 50 people

In Vaasa Hospital District, it is not recommended to organise events attended by more than 50 people. The strong recommendation not to organise events for more than 50 people is valid in Ostrobothnia until 25 October, after which the situation will be reassessed. See also Vaasa citys own recommends and measures about to organise events and to attend gatherings.  Municipalities of Vaasa Hospital District are Luoto, Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy, Vöyri, Mustasaari, Vaasa, Laihia, Maalahti, Korsnäs, Närpiö, Kaskinen and Kristiinankaupunki.

 On 6 October, a strong recommendation was made that people should not attend gatherings of more than 50 people. Everyone can prevent the spread of infections by avoiding mass gatherings.

Workplaces are advised to stagger breaks and maintain safe social distancing measures, as well as to use face masks in accordance with a previously given recommendation.

To those on Autumn breaks, please limit the number of social contacts and unnecessary travel

Autumn breaks will be celebrated in Ostrobothnia next week, i.e. Week 42. Residents of the region on holiday should be reminded of the recommendations in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. It is worth concentrating on holiday activities as much as possible in the home environment and enjoying time with the family. It is recommended to limit the number of social contacts and avoid unnecessary travel.

When outside the home, always use a face mask in public spaces and stay at home even with mild respiratory symptoms.

The Working Group continues to promote the vital recommendations regarding the use of face masks, the maintenance of safe social distancing and staying at home even if symptoms are only mild.

It is always recommended that face masks (mouth-nose protectors) be kept with you, and that they be easily accessible, so that the mask can be used whenever necessary. Primarily, every citizen should provide their own face mask. The municipalities in the area have each organised their own practices for the distribution of face masks to the needy.

It is important that residents stay home even if any respiratory symptoms are only mild. If you have symptoms and feelings suggestive of coronavirus, make an assessment of the disease symptoms online at Omaolo.fi. If necessary, contact your health centre by phone during office hours or outside office hours at 116 117 to decide on the necessary follow-up. In the severe acceleration phase of a coronavirus epidemic, it is important not to wait for symptoms, but to act as described above, so that time for possible coronavirus testing can be arranged quickly.

Role and composition of the Ostrobothnian Regional Corona Coordination Group (Pohjanmaan alueellinen koronakoordinaatioryhmä)

The task of the group is to plan and implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in its region. The use of recommendations and restrictive measures requires a comprehensive assessment of the situation, after which decisions are made and weighed in terms of epidemiological, social and economic impacts, as well as in relation to fundamental rights.

Tuesday 6 October. The Ostrobothnian Regional Corona Coordination Group appointed by Vaasa Hospital District includes: VSHP Director, Marina Kinnunen, Chairperson, Chief Medical Officer Peter Nieminen, VSHP Infectious Diseases Chief Physician, Juha Salonen, Mayor of Vaasa, Tomas Häyry, Municipal Manager Gun Kapténs, Director of the Coastal Ostrobothnia Association of Municipalities for Social and Primary Healthcare (K5), Jarkko Pirttiperä, ELY Director, Timo Saari, THL Tuula Hannila-Handelberg, and Senior Medical Officer at the Regional State Administrative Agencies, Miia Kaartinen. The secretary of the group is VSHP Päivi Berg.

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