Restrictions on visits to Vaasa Central Hospital will remain in force even after 1 June. Although there are currently few coronavirus infections in Vaasa Hospital District, it is important to protect hospital patients and hospital staff from a potential new spread of the disease.

In accordance with the guidelines given by the Finnish Government on 16 March, Vaasa Central Hospital has placed restrictions on visits from outsiders. The number of coronavirus infections in Vaasa Hospital District is currently very low, but people inside the hospital in particular should continue to be protected from potential infections.

- The risk of the coronavirus spreading again in our area still exists, so the restrictions imposed in March should be continued in certain respects, says the Chief Medical Officer of Vaasa Central Hospital, Peter Nieminen.

Precautions to remain even during the summer

Only visits to critically ill patients are allowed and only the escort necessary for a patient can come to the hospital.

- We still remind you that you should not come to the hospital with any flu-like symptoms. If you suspect that you have been infected with the coronavirus, then you must always first contact your own health station by phone or, when it is closed, the Medical Helpline at 116117. Precautions are to remain in place so you can enjoy the summer safely, instructs Nieminen.

The restrictions and precautions are intended to protect both hospital patients and healthcare staff so that the resources available continue to remain adequate.

The following restrictions apply for the time being:

  • Visits to hospital wards are prohibited
  • As an exception, visits can be made to a critically ill patient, but the visit must be agreed with the ward staff
  • A child's other parent or the child's support person can come to the maternity unit
  • An escort necessary for a patient's visit may enter the hospital
5/29/2020 Redaktion_Toimitus