Vaasa Hospital District and the City of Vaasa’s social services and healthcare sector recommend that all hobby and leisure activities involving more than one person be discontinued. In addition, the recommendation is not to participate in concerts, art exhibitions, screenings and other public events. These recommendations are valid until at least 30 March 2020.

The City of Vaasa and the Hospital District also recommend that sports clubs and their members refrain from participating in international, national and regional competitions as well as in sports camps until 30 April 2020.

- From a human perspective, it is sad that the preparations for competitions are wasted in this way, but this is about much more than a single competition or training camp; it is a question of warding off an epidemic and protecting, in particular, those residents who are susceptible to being infected by the coronavirus, says Heikki Kaukoranta , the doctor responsible for the control and prevention of infectious diseases.

Coronavirus infections are being observed at an accelerating rate in our country. At this stage, healthcare services are making efforts to identify those who have become ill and provide them with the care they need.

- Healthcare is planning and implementing measures by which new cases of infection can be prevented. To achieve these goals, support is needed by all citizens and organisations. That is why we appeal to the residents and organisations of the municipalities that arrange hobby and leisure activities to suspend their activities until further notice, emphasizes Christian Kantola Chief Medical Officer of Vaasa Hospital District.

3/15/2020 Redaktion_Toimitus