Vaasa Central Hospital is preparing for an increase in the number of coronavirus patients by moving the locations of wards in the hospital. On Wednesday 1 April, the oncology ward will move to the day unit in the E-building.

The situation is currently calm at Vaasa Central Hospital, but active measures are being taken to prepare for an increase in the number of patients caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Preparations are underway to open a pandemic ward for the treatment of coronavirus patients on the second floor of the S building next to Hietalahdenkatu. The oncology ward on the second floor of the S building will move on Wednesday 1 April to the fourth floor of the E-building.
- The cancer ward will move away from the planned pandemic ward preparations in good time. The care of cancer patients will continue uninterrupted, says Head of Department, Chief Physician Antti Jekunen.
The 17 beds in the oncology ward will be moved in advance in order to quickly start operations in the pandemic ward if necessary.

The day unit has already moved

The day unit, where the oncology department will now move, already moved away from E4 on 23 March. The patients in the day unit are now treated in different wards according to their specialist areas. The Government's directive is being followed at the hospital, which means that visitors, except in certain exceptions, are prohibited from visiting the hospital. If a patient needs an escort when entering the hospital, the escort can walk to the door of the ward or outpatient unit. However, the escort must not have any flu-like symptoms, nor have been abroad during the previous 14 days.

We will inform more about wards that are opening and being moved, depending on the need.

4/1/2020 redaktion_toimitus