From Saturday 27 November, Vaasa Hospital District will place new restrictions on indoor public gatherings. Restrictions are valid for three weeks. All indoor public events with more than 100 participants, auditoriums where seating is not provided for everyone, or joint singing events, are banned in the municipalities of Ostrobothnia.

The order is valid from 27 November to 19 December 2021. The restriction on gatherings was decided on Thursday 25 November by The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland. The restriction is based on Section 58 of the Communicable Diseases Act. The region is a virus-spreading area with a current 14-day incidence rate of 130 per 100,000 inhabitants (Friday, 26 November). Infection rates have remained high despite the recommendations in force, the measures pursuant to section 58 c of the Communicable Diseases Act, and the restaurant restrictions imposed by the Government. The aim of the current restriction is to ensure that the carrying capacity of the healthcare system will not be exceeded, and the success of infection detection.

As an alternative to the current corona restriction, the arranger, i.e. the organiser of public events, can introduce a COVID-19 passport control, which allows the holder to enter happenings and events.

The Regional State Administrative Agency may impose restrictions only when they are necessary to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Regional State Administrative Agency constantly monitors the development of the epidemic situation in the hospital districts and revokes the decisions when their conditions are no longer being met.

11/26/2021 redaktion_toimitus