A trip is usually reimbursed according to the cheapest mode of transport. A patient can be reimbursed for a taxi ride if they are unable to use public transportation due to their medical condition or if public transportation is not available.

The new numbers for patients in Ostrobothnia to call are the following (i.e. a patient can order a Kela taxi from these numbers):  

Vasa Ulataxi Oy: 0800 500 600


Keskustaksi Oy: 0800 924 46  

Patients can receive reimbursement for the taxi ride only if they book the trip via these numbers. The telephone call is free of charge.

The new telephone numbers for booking a Kela taxi (the numbers begin with 0800) will be taken into use starting 20 December 2021. Taxi bookings apply to rides from
1 January 2022.

Read more about the changes to taxi rides on the Kela website.

Read more about Kela taxi rides on the Kela website.

12/20/2021 redaktion_toimitus