The corona situation has deteriorated in Ostrobothnia in recent weeks. A considerable number of infections come from other places in Finland outside Ostrobothnia. The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group, which met on Tuesday, continues to recommend the use of face masks until the end of August as a preventative measure against the spread of infection. At the same time, the group also thanked the people of the region for their good and comprehensive use of safety measures.

The incidence rate of the coronavirus has risen steadily in Ostrobothnia in recent weeks. During the previous day, ten new infections were detected (situation on Wednesday, 28 July). It has been possible to identify the chain of infection in 91 percent of cases. Most recent infections have been found in people born in the 1990s and 2000s.

Ostrobothnia is still at a base level for the spread of infection. Due to the increased incidence, the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group will meet again weekly to review the situation in the region. At the beginning of the autumn, the group plans to arrange low-threshold mobile sampling, especially when schools of higher education start.

Recommendation to use a face mask until the end of August

Due to the resurgence of corona cases, the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group decided to continue the recommendation to use face masks until 31 August, when the situation will be reviewed.

– The wearing of a face mask and other safety measures are effective in preventing coronavirus infections. At the end of the summer, the region will host a variety of festivals and celebrations that bring people together and increase the risk of infections. The use of protection is justified and important, says Juha Salonen, Chief Physician of Infectious Diseases at Vaasa Central Hospital.

At the same time, the group thanks and praises the people of the Ostrobothnia region for their good use of face masks in public spaces, which is seen better than in the rest of Finland.

Don’t forget your second corona vaccination time

The group encourages the population of the region to take a corona vaccination. In Vaasa, for example, low-threshold corona vaccination events have been arranged, and are also being held this week as well. Further opportunities are being considered for such events according to the experience gained from them.

The group also reminds the population to stick to the times given for receiving the second dose of the corona vaccine.

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group will next meet on Tuesday, 3 August, 2021 at 15:00.

The recommendations and restrictions in force in the region are available on the Vaasa Central Hospital website.

Compilation of coronavirus indicators in Ostrobothnia

Epidemic phase: Base level

Total number of coronavirus infections: 2582 (Wednesday, 28 July, 2021)

Regional incidence (14 days): 28 (Wednesday 28 July, 2021)

Proportion of positive samples (last week, average): 1.5%

Number of people who have died in the healthcare district due to illness caused by the coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, 27 July, 2021: 16 people.

Meeting participants:

Marina Kinnunen, VSHP, pj. Juha Salonen, VSHP, Heikki Kaukoranta, Vaasa, Tomas Häyry, Vaasa, Jarkko Pirttiperä, K5, Eeva Mäkinen, AVI, Dinah Arifulla, THL, Timo Saari, ELY, Hanna Hattar, Press Officer VSHP, Päivi Berg, Secretary. VSHP.

Role and composition of the Ostrobothnia Regional Corona Coordination Group

The task of the group is to plan and implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in its region. The use of recommendations and restrictive measures requires a comprehensive assessment in which decisions are made and weighed in terms of epidemiological, social and economic impacts and in relation to fundamental rights.

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