Ostrobothnia has entered the spreading phase of the coronavirus epidemic. The situation was noted by the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group on Monday 23 August at its extraordinary meeting. The situation in Ostrobothnia has deteriorated rapidly. During August, the incidence of the virus has tripled in the region to 122 on Monday.

In the Ostrobothnia region, a total of 124 new cases of coronavirus have been found in the last week. The situation has increased fivefold compared to a month ago. About half of the cases have been found in Vaasa, but there are also infections in almost all other municipalities in the district. The main group of infections are children and adolescents who are either unvaccinated or who have received only one vaccine. Mass exposures have taken place in daycare centres, primary and secondary schools, as well as in sports activities and private events. As in the past week, it has been found that the infection spreads very quickly within the family, but also in schools and during leisure activities.

Stay away from daycare, school, work and leisure activities if you have even the mildest symptoms

Due to the rapidly deteriorating situation, the Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group wishes to remind the public of an important point:

- Stay home even if you only have mild symptoms and apply for a low threshold coronavirus test. This applies to children, schoolchildren and adults alike. You should not go to daycare, school, the work community or hobbies with even the slightest symptom.

The Vaasa Hospital District aims to increase the opportunities for low-threshold coronavirus testing.

Continuation of the face mask and remote working recommendation until the end of September

At Monday’s meeting, the group decided to extend the following recommendations when the region entered the spreading phase:

  • The strong recommendation on wearing a face mask in the Ostrobothnia region continues until 30 September. The guidelines on use are now covered by more detailed explanations during the spreading phase, which can be read on THL’s website.
  • The general recommendation for remote working in the Ostrobothnia region continues until 30 September.

The group specified the following recommendations that are already in force:

  • Group activities for adults: Follow safety instructions carefully (including social distancing). Note: Participation in hobbies can only be done if you are completely symptom free.
  • Group hobbies for children and youngsters: Follow safety instructions carefully (including social distancing). Note: Participation in hobbies can only be done if you are completely symptom free.
  • Organisation of private events: The group emphasises its previous recommendation that events be organised in the smallest possible way and with due regard for safety.

Vaccine protection is an important way to improve the situation

The group encourages the population to take the corona vaccine. Currently, the virus appears to be spreading especially among those unvaccinated and those who have received only one vaccine. Comprehensive vaccine protection for the population is an important means of improving the situation.

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group has provided the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland with an overview of the situation for information purposes.

The Ostrobothnia Corona Coordination Group will next meet on Tuesday, 31 August, 2021 or earlier if necessary. With today’s extraordinary meeting, no meeting will be held on Tuesday 24 August.

The recommendations and restrictions in force in the region are available on the Vaasa Central Hospital website.

Compilation of coronavirus indicators in Ostrobothnia

Epidemic phase: Spreading phase

Total number of coronavirus infections: 2874 (Monday 23 August, 2021)

Regional incidence (14 days): 122 (Wednesday 23 August, 2021)

Proportion of positive samples (last week, average): 4.7%

Number of people who have died in the healthcare district due to illness caused by the coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, 23 August, 2021: 16 people.

Meeting participants:

Marina Kinnunen, VSHP, pj., Peter Nieminen, VSHP, Juha Salonen, VSHP, Heikki Kaukoranta, Vaasa, Tomas Häyry, Vaasa, Jarkko Pirttiperä, K5, Gun Kapténs, Luoto, Laura Blåfield, AVI, Eero Poukka, THL, Timo Saari, ELY, Hanna Hattar, Press Officer VSHP, Päivi Berg, Secretary VSHP.

Role and composition of the Ostrobothnia Regional Corona Coordination Group

The task of the group is to plan and implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in its region. The use of recommendations and restrictive measures requires a comprehensive assessment in which decisions are made and weighed in terms of epidemiological, social and economic impacts and in relation to fundamental rights.

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