The following functions are used on the website:

You can search the website for information in different ways. Use the general search function located in the top right corner on each page to search through the entire website’s material. Use the first search box on the start page to search for contact information. This can also be used to search for material concerning information about diseases, treatments, examinations and home care. The general search function can also be used to search for contact information and information on health care.

The feedback form is created through a separate system. When feedback is given to a unit at the hospital, the form is automatically directed to that unit. It is possible to be anonymous when giving feedback. If, however, you wish to be contacted you need to add your contact information in the form.

Follow-up of website usage
We use the web statistics tool Google Analytics. This gives us aggregated data on the number of visitors and how visitors use our website, allowing us to see information such as which are our most popular pages and from which pages visitors enter and leave our website. We use this anonymous data in order to improve our website. It is possible to stop the use of Google Analytics through the opt-out function.

The follow-up of the website usage is based on the use of cookies. The cookie function can be disabled in most browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer for example, go to the menu Tools->Internet options->Security to stop the use of cookies. More information on cookies can be found on the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s website.

4/29/2016 VCSadmin