• to the outpatient clinic in question and in time.
  • to laboratory, x-ray or isotope imaging examinations to the unit carrying out the examination
  • to inpatient care to the unit in question.

If your registration to the hospital differs from the standard practice, it is mentioned in your letter of invitation to the clinic or unit.

If you are coming for an examination, please follow the instructions you have been given.

Enquiries: contact the unit or outpatient clinic

You can contact the unit or outpatient clinic before your visit, if needed.
Department secretaries answer questions on medical certificates.
Enquiries about a patient in treatment are answered by the unit’s personnel. Information of a patient condition is given only to relatives or individuals approved by the patient.
You can find the units’ and outpatient clinics’ direct numbers from the contacts page. In uncertain cases you can contact the exchange (06) 213 1111.

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