• your letter of invitation or outpatient card (in case of a child, also the child health clinic card)
  • KELA-card (of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
  • prescriptions or a list of the medication you are using or have recently used. Also, remember to inform the strength and dosage of your medication.
  • the x-ray images, ECG graphs, or laboratory reports connected to your visit.
  • your personal effects (such as your shaver, indoor shoes or slippers) and personal aids.
  • child patients may take a favourite toy with them.

If you can not come to your outpatient clinic or unit due to an obstacle that can not be overcame, please inform, as soon as possible, the clinic or unit that sent you the invitation. If you do not cancel your time slot in such a case, a statutory fee is recovered.

5/13/2019 Redaktion_Toimitus