Bus routes

Both the central hospital and the psychiatric unit in Huutoniemi can be reached using the town’s bus routes. The Selkämeri Hospital is in Kristiinankaupunki.

Local bus routes of Vaasa (www.vaasanpaikallisliikenne.fi)

Matkahuolto (long distance coach routes) (www.matkahuolto.fi)

Travelling expenses using public transport are compensated by the national health insurance.

By car or taxi

You will get reimbursed by Kela (independent social insurance institution) according to the lowest-cost available means of transport. Usually this will be the train or the bus, in which case the reimbursement is calculated on the basis of the applicable fare.

If, for health reasons, you travel more than 100 kilometres one way by your own car, you will need to include with your claim for reimbursement a certificate from the health care provider (form SV 67).

If you need a taxi for health reasons or because of challenging travel arrangements, you can get a reimbursement for travel costs.  Always call the central dispatch service. Calls to your regional dispatch number are free of charge.

Call the regional dispatch number to book a taxi: Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa) 0800 99 000, Central Ostrobothnia 0800 93150 (Finnish) and 0800 93152 (Swedish), Southern Ostrobothnia 0800 99090.

If you call a central dispatch number, € 25 is the most you have to pay for each one-way trip. Remember to present your Kela card to the driver before the trip.

If you need a taxi for health reasons, you will have to present a certificate from the health care provider on form SV 67. If you get a certificate from the health care provider, keep it for 6 months. If you have already submitted to Kela a certificate from the healthcare provider about the long-term need for special means of transport, you need not submit a new certificate when you visit a public health care provider.

For more information visit Kela

Kelas travel costs


There are over 1 200 free parking spaces in the hospital area. You find most of the parking spaces and the multi-storey car park behind the hospital (the driveway is next to the swimming hall). They do not have a time limit (map of the hospital area). Temporary parking spaces (3 hours) are found in the front of the hospital. In Huutoniemi, parking spaces are found around the area (map of Huutoniemi).


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