The tasks for a patient ombudsman are:

  • to advise patients in issues concerning patient status and rights
  • to help a patient when he/she is not satisfied with the health care or medical care and the related treatment received by him/her
  • to inform patients of their rights
  • to act for the promotion and implementation of patients' rights.

When the patient isn't satisfied and wants to complain

Patients who want to complain over medical care and related treatment should at first contact the doctor or the health care personal for a discussion. The patient can also contact the patient ombudsman for help.

The patient also has the right to make a complaint to the director responsible for health care unit in question.It is a written complaint and decision on the complaint has to be given in a resonable time from the making of the complaint.

Patient injury

Patients in Finland have a possibility to apply for economical compensation when they have sustained bodily injuries in connection with health care.

Medical treatment and healthcare involve risks that cannot always be avoided, even if the best possible treatment is provided. Patient Insurance covers bodily injuries that patients have sustained in connection with health care in Finland in accordance with the Patients Injuries Act. The Patient Insurance Centre handles these claims. Patients can make the application within three years after the injury has happened.

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