Accident & Emergency Clinic is located in Y-building, Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, Vaasa.

The Accident & Emergency Clinic of Vaasa Central Hospital is situated in Building Y; the entrance is on the sea-facing side.

Turn at the swimming baths and drive along Sanmarkinkatu.

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When should I attend the Accident & Emergency Clinic?

If you have any of the symptoms listed below, come immediately to the Accident & Emergency Clinic at the Central Hospital:

  • severe chest pain
  • profuse bleeding
  • severe breathing problems or
  • acute stroke symptoms (all or any of the following)
    • trouble with speaking (difficulty finding words or slurred speech)
    • one corner of your mouth drooping or difficult to move, which is a sign of facial paresis
    • weakness of arm/leg.

If you wish to discuss any of the following, please call your own health centre during office hours:

  • flu
  • gastroenteritis
  • postcoital contraception (the required medication can be bought at a pharmacy)
  • prescription renewal, sick leave certificate, continuation of sick leave or assessment of working ability
  • medical statement or checkup
  • laboratory or x-ray results
  • chronic aches or pains not due to injury
  • removing of stitches
  • blood pressure measurement
  • intoxication in the absence of other symptoms
  • evaluation of papules, moles or bumps
  • vaccination (non-acute) or
  • chronic rash.

Out of office hours, i.e. after 3.00 p.m., the Accident & Emergency Clinic is the place for you if you have a disorder or an injury requiring treatment before your own health centre opens.

At the Accident & Emergency Clinic we assess your need for treatment immediately when you check in. When assessing the need for treatment, we also assess whether you need urgent emergency treatment and whether you need to see a physician or a nurse.

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Clinic hours
Avoinna ympäri vuorokauden
Neuvontapuhelin (yksityishenkilöt)
116 117
Ma-to klo 15.00-8.00, pe klo 14.00-8.00, la-su ympäri vuorokauden
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06 213 1310
06 213 1318
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Palvelupäällikkö Ann-Katrin Brandtberg

06 213 4310

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Osastonhoitaja Tarja Makkonen

06 213 4311

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