It is normal that:

  • You experience pain for 2–3 days after your operation, and it is recommended to take painkillers during that period. You may feel milder pain for several weeks.
  • The operated area will be swelled and bruised. Sometimes the bruising may spread more widely.
  • The wound may ooze discharge on the bandages for the first few days after the operation.
  • You may feel tired on the day of the operation because of the procedure and administered medicines. Milder weariness may occur for several days after the operation. On the evening after the procedure, you may also experience mild nausea.

Contact the Day Surgery Unit from 07.00 - 17.00 or at other times the Emergency Department if after the procedure you find or experience:

• disruptive pain despite the pain relief medication you have been instructed to take.

• that the wound bleeds/discharges heavily through the bandages or the discharge continues over 3 days (after anal operations you may experience bloody discharge for several weeks).

• heavy swelling, warmth, and/or redness on the operated area, the wound excretes foul smelling discharge or you get a fever.

• considerable nausea and vomiting after the day of the operation.

• that you are so tired that you can not stay out of bed on the days following the procedure.

• severe stomach pains, constipation, or disturbing itching.

• that you get swelling and pain in your calf or thigh that is felt especially when walking.

• difficulties in breathing.

• that after a spinal anaesthesia, you have a headache that does not go away with painkillers and by resting.

• that something else related to the procedure worries you.  


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