The most important thing about wound care is cleanness: avoid touching your wound and always wash your hands before changing the bandages.

If the wound bleeds through the bandages during the first 24 hours, you can tie a dry bandage on the original bandages, so that the bleeding area is covered.

If the leaking is heavy, change all bandages to new ones. This should be done as cleanly as possible.

The wound is kept dry for 24 hours after a surgery.

You may shower after that. Before showering, remove the bandages on the wound, but leave the tape on the wound until the sutures have melted. If the sutures are absorbable, you may remove the tape one week after the surgery.

After showering, put a new bandage on the wound if the wound releases discharge. The tape is enough to protect a dry wound. Appropriate bandages can be bought at the pharmacy.

Non-absorbable sutures are removed after 7–14 days at your health centre, occupational health centre, or health clinic (neuvola). You may go to sauna 24 hours after the removal of the sutures.

If the wound has absorbable sutures you may go to sauna after a week, and swim and bathe after two weeks. Remove the tape on the wound before going to sauna.

Usually, non-prescription painkillers are sufficient for treating pain at home:

If you experience inflammatory symptoms (increasing pain, heavy swelling, warmth redness, continuous wound discharge) or other problems, contact your health centre or treating unit.

  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Emergency Department at other times
  • Your own health centre or occupational health centre
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