The operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia, sometimes in local anaesthesia. If the tumour lesion in the breast is small and cannot be felt, wire localization is performed on the morning of the operation. The tumour is excised with the help of the wire, and sent to the pathologist for examination.


You can move about as soon as you feel up to it after surgery. During your sick leave you should avoid very strenuous physical exercise. To avoid swelling, wear a firm bra after the operation.

Wound care

You can remove the thicker wound dressings and take a shower on the day after surgery. The wound is closed with absorbable sutures. The wound tape can be removed after one week. Going to the sauna, taking a bath, and swimming are allowed two weeks after surgery.

Contact us

If you experience signs or symptoms of infection (increasing pain, heavy swelling, heat, redness, drainage of pus from the wound) or other problems, please contact the treating unit.

  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Accident & Emergency Clinic
  • Your own health centre or occupational health unit 
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