Pilonidal cyst is a cavity beneath the skin on the median line near the tail bone, having one or more openings to the skin. The cavity usually contains hair and often develops inflammations and pus. Pilonidal cyst is usually operated if it causes pain or inflammations.


The most common procedure is to remove the entire pocket and suture the sides of the skin together. If the operated area contains pus because of inflammation, the wound can be left open, and it closes by itself. The procedure is usually performed under spinal or general anaesthesia.


You may walk and move normally after the procedure, but it is recommended that you avoid long periods of sitting for a couple of weeks.

 Wound care

If the operated area has been sutured, you may shower after 24 hours. Always shower your anus and the area around the wound after emptying your bowels. The sutures are removed after 2 weeks at your health centre, occupational health unit, or health clinic (neuvola).You may go to sauna 24 hours after the sutures have been removed. If the operated area is left open, shower the wound twice a day until the wound has closed

Treatment of pain

At the final stage of the surgery, anaesthetic is administered on the area of the wound, which reduces post-operative pain. You are recommended to take painkillers regularly for 1–4 days and after that when necessary.

Contact us

If you experience inflammatory symptoms (increasing pain, heavy swelling, warmth, redness, continuous wound discharge) or other problems, contact your health centre or treating unit.

  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Your own health centre or occupational health centre   
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