Curettage of the uterus (dilation and curettage, D & C) can be performed because of abnormal vaginal discharge (e.g. heavy and/or irregular menstruation, additional discharge). It can also be performed after miscarriage and to terminate a pregnancy.


The curettage is performed under general anaesthesia. The mucous membrane of the uterine cavity is removed, or in the case of a pregnancy, the gestational tissues are evacuated. The procedure takes 5–10  minutes.


Your recovery time at the ward after the D & C is usually 1–2  hours, although it varies. Avoid heavy physical effort during your sick leave. Light vaginal discharge may occur for approximately one week. While the vaginal discharge continues, swimming, bathing, intercourse, and using tampons should be avoided. It is recommended that you wash the genital area and change the sanitary pad often enough. The next menstruation usually occurs within 4–6  weeks. Your following few periods may differ from normal in the amount of bleeding and pain. Take the medication prescribed by your doctor according to the instructions.

Treatment of pain

Usually, non-prescription painkillers are enough for home treatment.


If you experience inflammatory symptoms (fever, severe abdominal pain, foul-smelling vaginal discharge) or profuse vaginal discharge and clotting, contact your health centre or occupational health centre.

  • Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic
  • Gynaecological Ward A4
  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • You own health centre or occupational health centre   
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