Arthroscopy of the jaw joint is performed in local anaesthesia. The joint's condition is examined, it is flushed and possible adhesions are removed.


There may be some swelling and tenderness in front of the ear after the procedure. You are nevertheless allowed to move the jaw normally. It is important that the jaw is being moved immediately after the surgery at home. The jaw can be opened with the help of the fingers as much as pain allows. If you have an occlusal appliance you can try to use it.  You may eat normally.

Wound care

The wound is covered with a wound tape and a bandage that is attached around the wound. You may remove the bandage the day after the surgery and take a shower. You may go to sauna 2 days after the surgery. Remove the tape on the wound before going to sauna. There are no sutures on the wound. When washing your hair, do not let water enter the wound directly.

Treatment of pain

Pain medication and application of cold help for the swelling and tenderness experienced after the surgery. It is advisable to take every day for a week pain medication that is suitable for you.


  • Day Surgical Unit
  • Mouth and Jaw Surgery Outpatient Clinic
  • Emergency Department
  • your own health centre or occupational health centre    
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