Ganglion cyst is a swelled cavity surrounded by thick fibrous tissue and filled with jellylike fluid. It may develop from a bulge of the joint capsule or tendon sheath on the area of the hand or foot. The cyst may disappear by itself or be healed by aspiration or cortisone injection. If the ganglion cyst does not heal and causes symptoms, it is removed surgically.


The operation is performed under regional anaesthesia. The cyst may return after the surgery.


Swelling of the hand slows down healing and causes pain. The swelling can be reduced by keeping the hand in an elevated position, also during the night, using for example a pillow. Moving the fingers and taking painkillers also help. The hand may be used freely as allowed by the pain. However, the operated area is to be left at rest from any moderate or heavy strain for the duration of the healing of wounds, approximately 2 weeks. Extreme positions of the wrist should be avoided until the sutures are removed if the wound is on the wrist.

Wound care

You may shower after 24 hours. All bandages are removed.

The sutures are removed after 10–14 days at your health centre, occupational health centre or health clinic (neuvola).

You may go to sauna 24 hours after the removal of the sutures.

Treatment of pain

It is recommended to take painkillers regularly for 1–4 days and after that when necessary.


If you experience inflammatory symptoms (increasing pain, heavy swelling, warmth, redness, continuous wound discharge) or anything else abnormal occurs, contact your health centre or treating unit.

  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Your own health centre or occupational health centre  
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