Some patients are given a pain relief pump for the treatment of pain after certain operations. The pump contains local anaesthetic, which is administered into the wound through a catheter.

  • The anaesthetic agent is in a container inside the pump.
  •  The agent flows into the wound with a steady speed due to the pressure inside the container.
  •  The position of the pump does not affect the flow of the anaesthetic or action of the pump. You can put the pump into your coat pocket or attach it on your clothes. Do not let the pump hang from its catheter only, because the catheter may come out from the wound. It can not be reinserted into the wound.
  •  The container in the pump empties itself at a set speed (2–5 ml/h). The anaesthetic runs out after two days.
  • The sensations of pain after an operation vary among patients. Some experience more severe pain than others. The pain level also depends on the performed procedure.
  •  Also oral painkillers are often required after an operation. You will be instructed on their use before you are released from the hospital.

To be taken into consideration at home

  •  The catheter head must be under your skin.
  • The anaesthetic agent may leak on the skin, wetting the folded bandages on the wound. The bandages are to be changed into dry ones if necessary. 
  •  The wound should be kept dry until the pain relief pump and catheter have been removed.
  • Keep the pump under your clothes when going out on a cold day.
  •  The container inside the pump becomes smaller as the agent flows into the wound.

After the pump is empty

  •  The pump will be empty after two days from its installation. The amount of remaining anaesthetic agent can be seen from the size of the container inside the pump.
  • After the pump has emptied, it and the catheter may be left in place for a short period of time.
  • You may remove the pump and catheter yourself. First, take off the tapes and bandages. Then, pull out the catheter from the wound. If you have had an open surgery, keep the tape on the wound for a week. Anaesthetic agent can still leak on the skin after you have removed the pump. You can cover the punction site with a dry dressing.
  •  Keep the wound dry for 24 hours after removing the pump.  
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