Stones may form in the urinary tract when the ingredients of urine form crystals. The stones may cause pain, blood in the urine, and they may sometimes block the flow of urine.


In extracorporeal lithotripsy the stone is localized with the help of ultrasonography, and sometimes with x-ray. A wave of energy that is formed in an energy source outside the body is aimed at the stone. The purpose is to crush the stone to small enough fragments so that they can come out with urine. The energy waves do not harm the organism. The procedure lasts from half an hour to an hour. During the procedure you will be given relaxing medication and pain medication, and you might fall asleep.

The pain medication makes the procedure almost painless.


After the procedure you will stay at the ward for approximately 1–2 hours. Urine may be bloody for a few days. Sometimes the moving fragments may cause a pain attack. Plenty of drinking and exercise will help the fragments come out and urine to become clear again. You may strain urine and bring the stone fragments to be analysed to the surgical outpatient clinic. If stones have been analysed earlier, it is not necessary to strain urine.

Treatment of pain

Painkillers should be taken if needed. 

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