Hydrocele is a fluid-filled pocket that surrounds the testicle. The cause for such build-up of fluid can not usually be established. Sometimes it is caused by an injury, testicular torsion, inflammation, or tumour. The only symptom of a hydrocele may be an enlarged scrotum. The condition may also include pain and sensation of weight in the scrotum. The diagnosis of a hydrocele is based on examination and transillumination by shining a light through the scrotum, and ultrasound examination. Hydrocelectomy is required only if the hydrocele causes symptoms.


The procedure is performed under spinal or general anaesthesia. The fluid pocket is drained and removed in the operation.


It is recommended that you rest as much as possible on the day of the operation. Walking and moving is allowed from the next day onwards, depending on your health. Heavy physical effort and sports should be avoided for approximately 3 weeks.

Wound care

The sutures on the wound are absorbable, and do not have to be removed. The operated area must be kept dry for 24 hours, after which the wound is showered twice a day for a week, but scrubbing must be avoided. The area is dried by patting it gently with a towel. You may go to sauna after approximately a week. Use fairly tight-fitting underpants for 2–3 days to support the testicles.

The scrotum is usually swollen and bruised after the surgery. Bloody discharge may be secreted from the wound for a few days. The wound heals within approximately 2 weeks, during which time you are advised to avoid sexual intercourse.

Treatment of pain

It is recommended that you take pain killers regularly for 1–4 days and after that when necessary.   

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