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Avoid alcohol and painkillers for three days before sampling and for as long as the collecting of samples continues. The results are most reliable when the instructions are followed.

The sampling materials can be collected from the laboratory at the nearby helathcare centre, Vasa Central hospital laboratory (B1) or the caring unit.

Sampling material

Sample tubes including a sample stick and a label for personal information .

ATTENTION! The liquid in the tube is harmful to the health and shuld not be consumed.


Uloste paperille1. Collect the feces on ,for example, a piece of paper or a disposable plate.





 Koeputki2. Open the blue cap on the sample tube and take out the stick. Do not touch the end of the stick.





 Näytetikku3. Push down the end of the stick into different parts of the feces.





  Poista ylimääräinen näytemateriaali4. Gently remove unnecessary feces with soft toilet paper. The sample amount is adequate when the lines on the stick are filled with feces.
The sample will not be analyzed if the amount of feces is too large.



  Tikku takaisin putkeen5. Put back the stick in the tube and close the cap properly. It is important for the identification that the label is put on the tube. On the label should be written your name, personal identification number and the date of the sampling.


The samples should be stored in the refrigerator. If you are asked to bring several samples, they should be collected on seperate days. All the samples should be brought to the laboratory within 3 days.

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