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Sampling kit:

              • Sample container. There is a sampling controller and needle placed underneath the tape on the blue lid.

              • Sample tube (1 – 2 tubes with yellowish green stoppers). The tube(s) contains preservative. Do not open the stopper(s) of the sample tube(s), as the vacuum in the sample tube(s) must be preserved.

              • A sticker for recording your personal details. Write your name, identity number, and the sampling date and time on the sticker.



Avattu virtsapurkkiCollection of the urine sample.

              • If possible, refrain from urination 4 hours prior sampling.

              • Wash your hands thoroughly.

              • Wash your genital area with warm water and dry with toilet paper.

              • Open the blue lid of the container.

              • Let a small amount of urine fall in the toilet bowl first. Fill about 2/3 of the sample container with urine without breaking the stream.

              • Close the lid of the sample container tightly.

              • Do not touch the inner surface of the sample container or the blue lid. Transfer the urine immediatly to the tube(s).


VirtsaputketTransferring the sample into the sample tube(s)

              • Remove the sticker from the lid.

              • Put the sampling container on a table. Press the sample tube against the needle, stopper first, until the urine streams into the sample tube.

              • Let the tube fill properly with urine.

              • Once the urine stream is finished, remove the sample tube by gently pulling it upwards.

              • If you have received two sample tubes, fill also the second tube, by repeating the instructions above.


Putken sekoitusHandling and storing the sample tube(s)

              • Turn the tube upside down 8-10 times.

              • Attach the sticker with your name, identity number, and sampling date and time on the sample tube(s).

              • Take the sample tube(s) to the laboratory as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the sample tube(s) must be stored in room temperature.

              • The sample tube(s) can be stored at roomtemperature for 8 hours or 1 day in + 4°C. Dispose of the sample container appropriately.


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