Retinal detachment is an eye disease that untreated may lead to blindness. A tear or hole in the retina may cause fluid from the vitreous chamber to seep underneath the retina and detach it. Myopia, peripheral retinal degeneration, eye injuries and intraocular inflammation may also increase the risk for retinal detachment. A detached retina will cause a dark shadow like a curtain in the corresponding area of the visual field. The first symptoms may be flashes, lightning or black specks from haemorrhage.


Minor detachment due to a hole in the retina can be contained by laser treatment, thus preventing increasing detachment. Extensive detachment threatening central vision requires surgical treatment. Such surgical operations are performed in the ophthalmological day surgery operating room, and the patient can be discharged the same day. A follow-up examination is performed at the Eye Disease Outpatient Clinic the following day.


In addition, we treat various ophthalmological inflammations, diseases of the lacrimal system and eye injuries.

8/22/2018 Silmäpoliklinikka