Squint surgery (strabismus)

In the strabismus surgery the position of the eye is being corrected by moving and/or tightening the muscles that move the eye. These procedures will always be conducted under general anaesthesia. Adults will be operated in the day surgery unit's operating room and children in the operating room of the operating department. Patients can be discharged the same day, given that the recovery from the operation goes well.

For those coming for strabismus surgery we will organize two appointments; one for the preoperative examination and one for the operation. If need be we will also make appointments for blood tests, EKG and chest X-ray. A letter containing the details and dates for these appointments will then be sent home to the patient. At the preoperative appointment the patient will also receive the aftercare instructions and a prescription for eye drops that will be used at home after the operation.

10/19/2021 Silmäpoliklinikka