Welcome to acute psychiatric ward 1!

The ward 1 is an closed acute psychiatric ward, where we attend to patients with various psychiatric conditions.

Our ward has 12 patient beds and we offer treatment around the clock. Inpatient care acts to support patients in difficult life situations or when outpatient services are not sufficient to provide the care the person needs.

Where are we located?

Our ward is located in the Huutoniemi area of ​​Vaasa Central Hospital, at Sarjakatu 2, B-building, first floor.

How to be admitted to the ward?

To come to the ward for treatment, you need a doctor's referral. The referral can be written from a health center, emergency room, occupational health care or outpatient psychiatric care. Patients with a standard referral will come to the acute psychiatry outpatient clinic on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for evaluation and possible admission. At other times, the assessment will be performed in ward 1. All patients arriving on a Finnish Mental Health Act observation referral will be assessed in ward 1 at any time of the day.


The treatment at our ward

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