The treatment at our ward is based on a view of people as equals. Everyone has the right to good care regardless of age, religion, nationality or social status.

The treatment at our ward can be voluntary or involuntary. During observation and treatment, the patient's fundamental rights may have to be restricted. The restrictions are based on the Finnish Mental Health Act and are intended to protect the patient. Here you will find more information about psychiatric involuntary care and patient rights. 

The doors of our ward are closed, which means that access is restricted. Based on the patients condition, the patient can obtain a free passage, a permission to move freely within the hospital area. Personal leaves and transactions outside the hospital area are agreed separately.

Medication is one part of psychiatric treatment. The ward doctor assesses the need for medication and takes care of follow-up and medication changes.

The treatment time at our ward varies. It's always assessed individually according to the disease and symptoms.

The role of the primary caretaker

The primary caretaker, together with the doctor, is responsible for the patient's overall care. The primary caretaker has time for the patient, listens, discusses and helps with practical matters. The primary caretaker listens to the patient's loved ones and makes sure that they can be involved in the treatment. Family discussions and network meetings are organized as needed. A home visit can also be made during treatment.

The primary caretaker collaborates with the doctor, social worker and psychologist. The primary caretaker also acts as a liaison between our ward and other authorities. There is also co-operation with outpatient care in the home community. The patient, the primary caretaker and the ward doctor together plan appropriate follow-up care.

When the primary caretaker is not on duty, an associate nurse takes care of the patient according to the plan.

Daily activities

Weekdays in our ward begin with a morning meeting after breakfast, attended by all patients and nursing staff. The meeting will go through the program of the day. The daily and weekly programs can be seen on the ward's bulletin board. You can participate in the activities depending on your well-being.


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