1. You arrive to the Day Surgery Unit with an adult at the appointed time.


2. A nurse will put anaesthetic lotion or bandage on the back of your hand, if it has not already been done at home.

It makes the skin grow numb, so that it will not hurt when the cannula (=the port through which medicine is administered) is inserted.

3. Before the procedure you might meet the anaesthetic doctor and the doctor who performs the operation.


4. The nurse will give you relaxing premedication if necessary.

The medication can make you tired, and it is possible that you will not remember everything that happens after that.

Sometimes painkillers are also given before the operation.



5. While waiting for the effects of the premedication, you can read, play, or watch TV or videos.

There are other patients in the same room waiting for their operation or recovering from it.

6. The adult that accompanies you may come to take you to the operating theatre.

There are lots of different machines and things in the theatre.

The different machines monitor your health during the operation.


7. The anaesthetic lotion or bandage is removed and a cannula is inserted into the anaesthetized area.

You might feel a small nip.


8. When you go to sleep, you’ll get oxygen from a mask.

Sometimes you also get sleeping gas that you can smell.

The sleeping drugs are given through the cannula and you fall asleep quickly.

9. After the operation, you are brought to the recovery room to wake up.

You’ll get medication for pain and nausea if necessary.

You will feel tired and fuzzy after the anaesthesia, but it wears off as you rest.


10. When you are well awake and do not feel sick, you will get ice-cream or an ice-lolly/popsicle.

11. When you feel well enough, you can go home.

You will also need to rest at home on the day of the operation.


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