The day of a child patient – a story of a day at the Day Surgery Unit.

(You can open the story in power point and print it, and colour in the pictures.)

Happy Teddy Bear.

You are coming to the hospital with your mom or dad.

You can bring a toy or a book that you love.

Medicine tube.

Already magical lotion has been smeared on your hand at home. It makes the skin grow numb.

It can also be smeared on your hand at the hospital.

Because of the magical lotion, it does not hurt when you get the sleeping cork in the hospital.

Teddy Bear stands in front of hospital bed with doctor clothers on.

The doctor who will give you the sleeping cork may come to see you.

The doctor wants to know what sort of sounds your heart and lungs make.

Measurement glass.

You will also get a little bit of magic potion to make the tension go away.

The potion may make you laugh and get tired at the same time.

Old school television.

When you wait to get to the operating room, you can play or watch TV.

Cartoon of a Playstation like game.

Mom or dad can come with you to the operating room. The room has lots and lots of machines and many nurses.

They keep an eye on your health.

To do that, they need to put stickers on your chest and a meter on your fingertip and watch at the machines in the room.



The magical lotion is cleaned away and the doctor puts the sleeping cork in your hand.

Try to keep your hand still, even if you might feel a nip when the doctor puts the sleeping cork in.


Mask that goes over your mouth and nose during anesthesia.

Then you are given a mask and fresh air comes out of it. Now you can start to listen if the Sandman is already coming.

Teddy Bear in pyjamas.

The doctor gives you medicine through the sleeping cork, so that you will fall asleep.

That’s when you can play with the Sandman.


Bottle of children's painkillers.

After the procedure you will wake up in your bed and mom or dad may be beside you.

You may get medicine through your sleeping cork or in your mouth.


Black and white popsicle with stripes.

After you have woken up properly, you get ice-cream or an ice-lolly or Popsicle.

Worm with hat on his head and cast in the end of his tail.

If your health is good, you can go home.

You will get a Diploma as a keepsake.


3/9/2020 Redaktion_toimitus