The patient checks in at the Day surgery Unit Office as he arrives.

The appointments are staggered to minimize waiting time for the operation.

The nurse interviews one last time before the operation.

It is checked that the patients have been fasting for long enough and they have somebody to pick them up.

If necessary, patients change into hospital clothes and leave their own in a locker.

The doctor performing the operation may also examine the patient.


A cannula is inserted for administration of medication and fluids.

After that, the anaesthetist proceeds with the anaesthesia.

Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels are monitored for the entire duration of the surgery.


The team washes the surgical site and outlines it using medical drapes.

The operation can begin.

The patients are moved to a recovery room after the operation, where their condition can be monitored.

Pain and possible nausea are being treated preventively.


When the anaesthetic begins to wear off, the patient is transferred to the recovery ward.

  • There they can have a bite to eat.
  • The nurse gives the instructions for home care.
  • The doctor may also visit and tell about the procedure and follow-up care.
  • The patient will also be given the necessary certificates.

The physiotherapist will instruct orthopaedic patients on for example, exercises and the use of crutches.

The recovery at the ward after a surgery takes 1-6 hours depending on the operation.

The patient is picked up from hospital by an accompanying person.

On the following day the nurse calls the patient to ensure that everything is in order and repeats the home care instructions.

Have a good recovery at home!

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