Take to the hospital

  • Your appointment letter
  • X-rays and other test results related to the operation
  • Prescriptions
  • Filled pre-anaesthesia form " Health history form"
  • The details on your health are needed, so that we can design your treatment to be safe and suitable for you.


It is recommended that you reserve the entire day for the procedure. Arrange someone to pick you up from the hospital, and a responsible person as a companion for the following evening and night.

Your ability to function will be impaired after the anaesthesia, and you may need help in everyday activities. You must avoid driving, using dangerous machinery, making important decisions, and using alcohol for 24 hours after the surgery. The operation may also limit driving during your convalescence.


You may eat normally on the previous day and evening before a surgery.

However, because of a risk of nausea and vomiting caused by the anaesthetics, it is important that your stomach is empty before your procedure. You may eat a light breakfast 6 hours and drink a glass of clear liquid 2 hours before coming to an operation.

Additional information about fasting


The medication that you must take on the morning of your operation day will be prescribed in advance either on the preoperative visit or on the phone appointment. Take all your regular medication with you to the hospital.

Most day surgery patients have to take painkillers for a few days after their operation. We recommend that you purchase appropriate painkillers in advance for home use (paracetamol and/or anti-inflammatory painkillers).

Clothing and hygiene

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothes. The wound may be sore and have a thick bandaging on it. For certain operations, you are not required to change your clothes for those provided by the hospital.

Child patients may wear their own clothes in the hospital.

Shower or bathe carefully at home before your operation. The skin of the surgical site must be undamaged. Do not shave the area to be operated on, as that will be done in the operating theatre if required.

What to do if:

  • You can not keep your appointment for the surgery
  • There are changes in your health (e.g. acute infection, heart symptoms)
  • Your medication has changed
  • You are pregnant
  • You need additional instructions?

Contact the Outpatient Clinic that sent the appointment letter or the Day Surgery Unit on working days from 07.00 – 17.00 tel. (06) 323 1552.

Note! You will be charged a fee if you do not cancel an appointment that you can not keep.

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