Congratulations for a new member of your family!


In our ward we take care of prematurely born babies and also newborns that need observation or intensive care. Our goal is to give individual and family-centered care.  The hospital staff carries the main responsibility of care, but parents are encouraged to actively take part and take care of their baby’s needs while in the ward.

Family-centered care

Parents are encouraged to stay at the ward and participate in their baby’s care as much as possible, for example in doctor’s rounds and decision making. Early interaction between parents and babies is meaningful to baby and its wellbeing. If a baby’s condition doesn’t allow kangaroo care, closeness can be attained by facilitated tucking by parents.

We offer breastfeeding counselling and help in baby’s care to parents whenever needed. Every baby has an individual nutrition plan. At times nasogastric tube and additional milk, pasteurized breast milk or infant formula, are needed to support breastfeeding. We work according to WHO ten steps to successful breastfeeding at the newborn intensive care.

At least one of the parents, both when possible, may stay overnight at the ward and take care of the baby. Practical arrangements can be made with the staff. If the mother stays at the ward she will get her meals from hospitals kitchen. The father may eat at the hospital staff’s cafeteria and meal tickets can be purchased from the café in the lobby. The ward has a dining area for parents, where food can be stored and eaten.

Hygiene at the ward

Newborns are susceptible to infections and therefore staying at the ward when having a cold or being sick is not allowed. Good hand hygiene is very important. Coats need to be left at the coat rack located next to the entrance of the ward.

The staff

The staff consists of a neonatologist, pediatricians, registered nurses, practical nurses, a psychologist, a secretary and ward domestics. In addition, other specialists, such as a physiotherapist, dietician, occupational therapist or social worker, may participate in your baby’s care. Students of the field of health care do practical training at the ward from time to time.


Family-centered and individualized discharge plan is made for your baby and discharge planning starts early after admission to the ward.


Our ward is located in A-building at 8th floor.

Look at a map of the hospital area.


Intensive Care Unit for Newborns -brochure 2016

A Breast milk kitchen


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