Do you want to be a part of making babies´ wellbeing better and to give them a better start for their lives?

A breast milk kitchen works in touch with the intensive care unit. Here we make food for premature babies and sick newborns. For this purpose we need mothers´ breast milk.

If you are a healthy mother, you eat healthy, you don’t use any medication (or birth control), you don’t smoke and you have a lot of breast milk, then we would be happy to buy your breast milk. We are happy about every decilitre we can get!

Before you can start selling, a bacterium swab will be taken from your breast milk. The swab will be taken at the ward and at the same time you show us your maternity card so that we can see that a HIV-test is taken and it is negative.

As long as you give your breast milk you can borrow a breast pump from the ward.

For more information call (06) 213 1969 mon-fri at 9-12

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