We care for children and teenagers between the ages of 0-16 years old. The reasons for care can be infectious diseases, other acute health reasons, pre-scheduled physical examinations and accidents.

We are located on floor 9 in the A wing.

Important information

  • If your child has diarrhea, fever or any other contagious disease, then you and your child will be confined to the isolation part of the ward. This is to prevent your child and others from the spread of infection.
  • Children who do not have any contagious disease are otherwise allowed to move freely in the main ward.
  • You may use your mobile phone on this ward, since there aren´t any landlines in the rooms. Please take in consideration other patients when using your mobile phone.

Remember to maintain good hand hygiene.

Visiting hour

  • We do not have any specific visiting hours. Family members can stay with the patient during the day. One parent is allowed to stay overnight with the patient.
  • Overnight stay is also possible at Patient Hotel Vilma.
  • Other visitors are welcome, but visiting is partly restricted due to the small size of the rooms.
  • The staff will gladly answer any questions, if needed.
  • Concerning visits with patients who are more at risk of infection (e.g. newborns and children undergoing chemotherapy), please consult the nurse beforehand.

Daily routines



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