You can turn to the Breastfeeding outpatient clinic for support in breastfeeding issues. The aim is to offer mothers support in order to get breastfeeding function. Appointments in the Breastfeeding outpatient clinic is free of charge for all mothers.

Breastfeeding mothers can contact the Breastfeeding outpatient clinic themselves by calling the Breastfeeding call support. Expectant mothers get in touch through the prenatal care unit's health care nurse. 

If you have troubles with breastfeeding, call the Breastfeeding call support 044-3232072 (24/7, if no one is answering, please call again later)

Breastfeeding outpatient clinic is located at A8 (Maternity outpatient clinic)

Open: Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30-15

Please note: Do not bring siblings with you to the breastfeeding outpatient clinic!

Contact info

Clinic hours
Ma ja to klo 8.30-15.00
044 323 2072
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