Welcome to the delivery room!

About 1200 babies are born at Vaasa central hospital every year.

The delivery room is located in B4, in the main building’s fourth floor. When you come to the floor, please ring the door bell to check in. At nights, 22.00 – 06.00, when the front door is closed, please ring the door bell outside the main entrance. The unit has five delivery rooms, two observation rooms as well as a sauna- and bathing facility.

We function as an emergency unit and takes care of both women giving birth as well as obstetric emergency patients from 20 pregnancy weeks onwards. Around the clock, midwives, obstetrician, paediatrician, anaesthetist and hospital attendant are available. In addition, the work community includes a secretarian.

A child’s birth is always a major event in a family. We always aim to provide you with individualized and high level treatment and you are always welcome discuss your desires related to the birth with the midwife. About 2-3 hours after the baby's birth you will move to the maternity- and gynaecological unit A4. There you usually stay for 1-3 days and get guidance on breastfeeding and babycare, so that you will feel comfortable when going home. We aim to support and strengthen the relation between the mother, the baby and the entire family.

If there is anything you remain to ponder about, you are always welcome to contact the delivery unit even after you have been discharged. 


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