The delivery room is located in B4, in the main building’s fourth floor. When you come to the floor, please ring the door bell to check in. At nights, 22.00 – 06.00, the front door is closed. The unit has five delivery rooms, two observation rooms, and a sauna and bathing rooms.

Vaasa Central Hospital has always invested in up to date equipment, and we have used STAN foetal monitoring since 2002.

A shift at the unit always includes midwives, an obstetrician and a hospital attendant. A paediatrician and an anaesthetist are available around the clock. The work community also includes a secretarian.

A child’s birth is always a major event in a family. Over 1300 babies are born in our hospital every year.

You and your partner are welcomed to give birth in our maternity unit. We always aim to provide you with individualized and high level treatment.

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