The Maternity outpatient clinic offers specialized health care for high-risk pregnancies, fetus observation and delivery planning.

The clinic attends patients by referral. The referral is written by a health clinic’s doctor or midwife. You will get an appointment time by mail or in urgent cases by phone.

The Maternity outpatient clinic is situated in A8. Please, reserve enough time, as it may be very difficult to find a parkingplace. Remeber to always bring your maternity card.

In order to secure a calm examination occasion, no children are allowed to attend the appointments at the clinic.  


Contact info

Clinic hours
Arkisin klo 8.00-15.00
06 213 2022
Puhelinaika arkisin klo 14.00-15.00
06 213 2028
Ultraäänitutkimukset, viikot 12 ja 21
06 213 2023
Ma ja to klo 14.00-15.00
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Kätilö Carita Backman

06 213 2022

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