Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for Psychotic Disorders offers services for those who suffer from psychotic disorders. You need a referral from your doctor before coming to the clinic.

Motivational Function

The care process starts with the evaluation of the patient’s situation. Our patients will actively participate in their own care. Patients’ relatives and people in their social network will also have a big role and we hope that they will participate in our patient’s care and its planning.

Individual care might contain different group activities that motivate, activate, and are therapeutic and informatory. We also offer scheduled clinic days, follow-up treatment (medication), psychosocial training outside the clinic, and also house calls. Our clinic also offers different forms of therapy.

In addition, our clinic has its own team for those patients who are suffering from psychotic disorders for the first time. Their work is outpatient oriented and their job is to take care and examine your situation.

Our staff:

  • psychiatrist
  • psychiatric nurse
  • practical nurse/ mental nurse
  • psychologist
  • physiotherapist
  • physical education instructor and condition instructor
  • occupational therapist
  • social worker
  • secretary
  • cleaner

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Contact info

Clinic hours
Arkisin klo 8.00-15.30
06 213 2160
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